Our team members have been traveling to Tijuana regularly since 2013, for our own procedures and to accompany others. We have experienced world-class bariatric, plastic/cosmetic, and dental procedures in Tijuana, and over the course of our many trips we have established and maintained productive relationships with our key service providers, including:

  • the certified medical specialists and their chosen facilities

  • hotels

  • drivers

We also know how the cost, availability and quality of the procedures in Tijuana compare to the same or similar procedures available here.

In short, we have researched every aspect of travel to Tijuana for medical procedures and we have lived it and learned from it. We know which doctors to see, what to expect, how to prepare, and how to make the most of your trip.

For those who undergo a procedure that may allow for some activity during recovery, we also happen to know some of the best restaurants, clubs, day-trips, sea-side resorts and shopping that are available in and around Tijuana. We have had medical vacations that have been as enjoyable as spending a week in an all-inclusive resort.

During our initial consultations with you, we can provide more detail on our experience, show you examples of the available procedures, discuss the cost and walk you through the process. One meeting may change your life.

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