Darlene Reid

DarleneDarlene is the founder, President and majority owner of The Firm.  Already a successful business owner, Darlene is driven to deliver opportunities that she truly believes in.

Her first business venture is a case in point:  Darlene moved on from a successful career as an Executive Assistant for several high-profile offices to become a business owner primarily because she saw that people needed an alternative to the prevailing business model in the real estate industry.  Darlene had been on the receiving end of some poor real estate services and the more she learned about that industry the more she realized that the market was begging for an alternative.  Before long, she was a licensed REALTOR® with her own brokerage offering full services for lower rates.  That simple idea, providing all the benefits at a lower cost, was tremendously successful for her real estate business.

The same motivation drove her to open The Firm.  Darlene benefited from a bariatric procedure in Mexico and it is no overstatement to say that it totally changed her life for the better.  Just like with real estate, the more she learned about the medical services available in Mexico, the more she realized that there was an amazing alternative to the long waiting lists and enormous costs here in Canada.

Darlene is the proud recipient of a number of procedures in Mexico and has traveled there to help her friends and family many times over the past few years.  Her belief in the opportunities available is so strong that she took everything she learned from starting her real estate business and did it all again to start The Firm.

Obviously, traveling for medical treatment is not for everyone.  There are many people willing to pay the cost or wait for their turn in order to receive treatment close to where they live and from Canadian doctors, and that is perfectly understandable.  Darlene simply wants people to understand that there is a choice and she would love the opportunity to explain how medical tourism works.  It changed Darlene’s life; it could change your life too.

In her time away from work, Darlene enjoys spending time with her husband and two young boys.  An active family, summers are for camping while winters are for skiing and in between Darlene loves to travel, ride motorcycles, golf and spend time with friends.

Dana Imbeault

DanaDana is The Firm’s Senior Client Care Specialist.  Born in the former Czechoslovakia, Dana is a seasoned traveler with a strong professional background in customer service and problem-solving.

For more than 15 years, Dana worked in customer service positions with organizations such as Blue Cross, Epcor and Canon.  The industries were different but the focus of each position was on identifying client concerns and resolving problems, beyond what frontline staff could handle.  This required more than mere subject matter expertise; Dana had to be able to analyze problems from various angles and creatively adapt to the client’s needs.  These skills are incredibly useful when guiding others through unfamiliar territory, such as during travel for medical tourism.

Having traveled for medical procedures for herself before, Dana realizes the tremendous opportunity that it presents for anyone who may want or need medical treatment.   She has extensive experience traveling to Tijuana with Darlene Reid, and her commitment to quality care at a lower cost with no waiting led her to enthusiastically join The Firm at its inception.

An experienced athlete, Dana’s commitment to fitness is only exceeded by her love of spending quality time with her husband and young daughter.  Dana is eager to share her experience, knowledge and enthusiasm for medical tourism with you, and her guidance and support will give you peace of mind throughout the process.

Steve Reid

steveSteve Reid is Darlene Reid’s husband and co-owner of The Firm.  Professionally, Steve is both a lawyer and a real estate broker, and he is primarily responsible for developing and operating the business side of both the real estate brokerage and The Firm.

Together with Darlene, Steve has undergone procedures in Mexico and has spent an enormous amount of time over the past couple of years researching and investigating the services and facilities available in Tijuana.  Steve has paid particular attention to the dental services available due to his needs in this area (cleft palate, dental implants) and believes very strongly that dental procedures in Tijuana are a viable and less-expensive alternative to the high cost of dental work here in Canada, especially for those with limited benefit coverage or no coverage at all.

Initially, Steve was deeply skeptical of traveling for medical procedures.  Like most people, he was concerned about safety, liability protection and complications.  After all the research and experience however, he is a true believer in the care available through The Firm’s contacts in Tijuana.