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Lose it with Lipo?

Some people hear the word “liposuction” and they think it’s an outdated treatment – that getting the “fat sucked out” is in our past. Others may have heard horror stories of liposuction gone wrong, perhaps leaving unlucky individuals with lumpy, uneven skin. However, like most things, there is a right and wrong way to do…


Treats in Tijuana

Tijuana definitely has a few things that it’s “known for” and it’s true that it has had some bad reputations in the past (if you are concerned at all about your trip to Tijuana, please read what we have to say in Medical Tourism to Tijuana). But today, Tijuana has become a great tourist outlet and there’s a new thing that it’s now known for: the food.


Eating Habits after your VSG

You’ve made it through the first weeks and months of recovery after your vertical sleeve gastrectomy. That was the hardest part! By now, you have probably lost a large amount of weight and have begun to adjust to your new, small stomach. It might have taken you an hour to eat a small cup of yogurt a few months ago, but now you are able to eat many new things (well, new to your new stomach).


Your New Breast Friends

You’ve made the first big decision and decided that a breast augmentation is for you! Now you may be begin to wonder about breast implant sizes. The first question you will want to ask yourself is, “How do I want to look?”


The Medical Benefits of a Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty) is usually a term that we relate to vanity. It is considered a cosmetic surgery – tightening the stomach muscles and removing loose skin and/or extra fat – but much more than a confidence boost can be gained from this procedure.


To Tell or Not to Tell

There is a certain social etiquette that goes along with plastic surgery. Although some people may not have had open minds about these cosmetic alterations in the past, plastic surgery is now becoming mainstream. It is not something reserved for celebrities. If you have decided that surgery is an option for you, you may begin to wonder how to tell people or if you should tell them at all.


Should you consider eyelid surgery?

As we age our skin starts to stretch, droop and the muscles weaken. This affects the eyelids, as much as anywhere else, as the eyelids stretch and build up excess fat which leads to sagging and the appearance of bags under the eyes.


Rock Point Realty Grand Opening

As some of you know, the team behind The Firm is the same team behind Rock Point Realty — a new concept in realty services. Our team recently came together with the community for our grand opening party.


Bariatric Surgery and its Effects on Diabetes

New research shows bariatric surgery, and in particular the vertical sleeve gastrectomy, improves your odds of fending off diabetes because it improves glucose tolerance. It also did this at less cost to the health care system. This has led researchers to suggest weight loss surgery should be a priority for obese patients or those at…