All medical and dental procedures, no matter how minor, have inherent risks that can result in additional expenses.  While doctors and hospital staff take precautions to minimize the risk of a complication, they can still happen.  Since the procedure is private, the patient would typically be required to pay any additional expenses should a complication occur during the procedure.  Important note about travel insurance:  Most “travel insurance” policies are void when the travel is for medical purposes and additional expenses due to complications would not be covered by such policies.   The Firm’s number one priority is client protection and this is why our pricing includes insurance coverage specifically for medical tourism.  Unlike other medical tourism companies, there are no hidden or extra charges and the insurance provided covers both travel and medical risks.

Our insurance is provided by Novamar Insurance Mexico, a company that specializes in providing coverage for clients/patients against possible complications during their out-of-country medical procedure.  Novamar Insurance Mexico is an affiliate of Novamar Insurance Group, Inc., a US-based company founded in 1987.  Novamar’s insurance policies are underwritten by ACE, a worldwide leader in the global insurance industry with operations in 54 countries.  Their experience and reputation translates into excellent relationships with domestic and international underwriters, and this allows Novamar to provide the best insurance solutions at competitive premiums.

Our insurance coverage includes:

  • Additional medical expenses, including extra medical consultations, additional days in the hospital and any travel and accommodation expenses in Mexico resulting from complications that occur during a covered treatment.  With a limit of $160,000 USD and no deductible or coinsurance, this policy provides peace of mind for patients and doctors alike.
  • Up to $20,000 USD in travel liability coverage
  • Accommodations and plane ticket for a non-scheduled visit to the doctor up to 12 months after the procedure (if requested by the doctor).
  • Travel assistance 24/7 and a bi-lingual call centre.
  • Direct payment to most doctors and hospitals in Mexico.
  • Trip cancellation, trip delay, accidental death and lost baggage coverage (subject to certain limits).


Medical and Dental Financing

medicardWhen you compare the cost of procedures in Mexico with the cost of the same procedures locally, you will discover that in most cases the procedures are much less expensive in Mexico. Despite the lower cost, many people may not have the funds available all at once to pay for their chosen procedure. For those people, we have partnered with a number of third party lenders who provide financing for qualified applicants. You are making an investment in yourself, one that is both profound and positive. In our experience, the biggest regret people have is not doing their procedures sooner and financing may be the right choice for you.

The Firm has consulted with select Canadian banks who understand our business model and are able to provide personal lines of credit for medical financing.  Alternatively, we have a partnership with Medicard®, Canada’s patient medical financing company.  Medicard® provides a simple, online application process with fast approval times.

Interesting fact about medical expenses: it may be possible for you to claim some of the costs for some of the procedures as a medical expense on your tax filing!  Check with your accountant to see if you qualify.

Our Client Care Specialists would be more than happy to discuss the various payment options and assist you in choosing the right one to meet your needs.

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