Prices may vary based on any additional or ancillary procedures recommended by the doctor.  The price includes all costs for the procedure and hospital, prescriptions, medical travel insurance, flight, ground transportation, accommodations, and our services.

Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy — From $10,500 CDN plus GST.


A vertical sleeve gastrectomy involves the removal of around 85% of the stomach, leaving the remainder in the shape of a tube or sleeve.  The procedure itself is done laparoscopically, under general anesthesia, and takes between one and two hours. The surgeon makes several small incisions through which a small camera and tiny instruments are inserted into the abdomen.  The camera is connected to a computer allowing the surgeon to see and complete the operation. The tube shaped stomach that is left is closed with staples.


Vertical-Sleeve-GastrectomyAfter the surgery, patients spend one or two days in the hospital. The abdomen is usually swollen. Pain and discomfort are managed with medication.  Recovery time takes between two to four weeks, depending on the individual’s general health.  During this period, patients will have to re-accustom their stomach to solid food. They will follow a two-week liquid diet and another two weeks of semi-liquid diet before returning to a more regular diet.


Because the size of the stomach is reduced, the amount of food intake will also be reduced, leading to weight loss.  Assuming the dietary guidelines are followed, most patients will lose between 44 and 75 percent of their excess body fat within the first 12 months after surgery.


Sometimes, gastric sleeve surgery is performed as the first step in a gastric bypass and the patient may have to return to complete the full surgery. This is done if the patient has a very high BMI (body mass index) at the time of surgery and may not be healthy enough for both steps at the same time.



Bariatric procedures are performed at a renowned and accredited facility with state of the art equipment.


The surgeon is an advanced laparascopic specialist with over 5000 procedures performed and he works with a team of health care professionals specializing in bariatric procedures and care, including anesthesiologists that are certified specialists in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, as well as registered nurses.


During the initial consultation, the specialist will discuss options, risks and process with you, and advise you of the tests that are required.  As there are several tests required, as well as careful pre-procedure dietary guidelines that must be followed, bariatric procedures may take several weeks to schedule.